Electro heaters - Spirals and special heaters

Barok company has been successfully making heaters on ceramics since 1988. We have been perfecting their design for years and the growth of output and constant increase in the sale are the best proofs of the success and quality of this range of products.

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About Us

Barok company has started doing business in August 1987 as an independent workshop, and became a private company in 1992. During the difficult nineties, our company kept developing, winning new markets and expanding its range of products.

An excellent cooperation with numerous associates proves that we have achieved success in our job. We justify their trust through quality, meeting deadlines and one basic motto: THE CUSTOMER MUST ALWAYS BE SATISFIED.

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II srpski ustanak bb (ex Ivana Cankara street )
34300 Arandjelovac

034 72 31 94
034 71 08 20

Arsenija Carnojevica Bld. 88, store nr. 11
11000 Belgrade

+381 11 21 29 785
+381 11 21 29 786

  Working hours :
monday - friday: 08 - 16hrs

Barok D.O.O. Arandjelovac

II srpski ustanak bb ( ex Ivana Cankara street ) 34300 Arandjelovac