Tehnical ceramics - Resistor ceramics

Great attention is paid to the choice of raw materials, which undergo standard tests as they are prepared for processing. We cooperate only with reliable and experienced raw material suppliers in order to produce high quality final products.

Some of our more important suppliers come from Bulgaria (kaolin), Spain (porcelain), Germany (steatite), Czech Republic (porcelain), and only a small part of the raw material comes from our country. Our company always has enough raw material for at least six months of operation so that we can employ all our capacities and respond to all client’s requests.

NO with 10 grooves

k.br 11.100

NO with 8 grooves

k.br 11.101

NO with 7 grooves

k.br 11.102

NO with 20 grooves

k.br 11.103

NO with 14 grooves

k.br 11.104

NO with 11 grooves

k.br 11.105

Resistor insulator

k.br 11.205

Resistor insulator

k.br 11.200

AT 01 Av resistor insulator

k.br 11.200

Resistor insulator for pulling and breaking Ř 90 x 32

k.br 11.201

Resistor insulator Ř 50 x 20

k.br 11.201

Resistor pipes

k.br 11.110; k.br 11.111;
k.br 11.112; k.br 11.113

Wire holder

k.br 11.206

Resistor insulator for pulling and breaking Ř 60 x 50 x 30

k.br 11.203

Resistor insulator

k.br 11.207

Resistor insulator Ř

k.br 11.208


About Us

Barok company has started doing business in August 1987 as an independent workshop, and became a private company in 1992. During the difficult nineties, our company kept developing, winning new markets and expanding its range of products.

An excellent cooperation with numerous associates proves that we have achieved success in our job. We justify their trust through quality, meeting deadlines and one basic motto: THE CUSTOMER MUST ALWAYS BE SATISFIED.

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